The Stray Bullet In College Sports

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The Stray Bullet Jim felt very happy that morning; there was no particular reason for that happiness apart from the fact that he was just drafted in by the head coach for the college basketball team. He had all the attributes to make it big in basketball; he stood 6ft 10in tall, was built like a truck and was surprisingly athletic for someone with such a huge frame. He had worked really hard to get into the team, the road was not easy, the fact that he was new to the college didn’t make things any easier, but still as soon as one saw a glimpse of him on the court they knew in their hearts that this boy was destined to become the next big thing in college basketball, and may be go on and rub shoulders with the big boys in the NBA(National…show more content…
“I am ok”, “I am fine” Jim said coming back from his trip down memory lane. “Tomorrow is going to be the biggest night in our lives coach” said Lebron, Jim didn’t say anything he left saying, get some sleep son, I’ll see you tomorrow. Lebron reminded Jim of himself, young, athletic, strong and someone who was on the verge of becoming NBA champion something that Jim always wanted to be but could never become. Jim could not sleep the whole night, he was the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were facing the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA championship, the series was tied 3-3 and the final game was to be held the next day. Slowly time passed and it was time, it was time for the big game. Jim called his boys in a huddle and told them – “ This is the night boys, we are on the verge of achieving the greatest prize on offer, all of us have worked hard to get to this stage, it is because of the hard work of each and every one of you that we are here, I have got no instructions for you today, because tonight is a night that I have never experienced in my life, tonight I want nothing to do but to enjoy the night, I want you all also to do the same. I want you to understand that it is a game, we go out there to play our best, we go out there to run our hearts out, we go out there to play for each other, we go out there to win for each other, but if we fall short, we all will still be proud of each other, remember life is never too cruel not to give you a second chance, it has given me one and it will give you all one too, so enjoy the night, play your hearts out and there’s no reason why we won’t be leaving the arena tonight as the champions”. Jim’s mother was sitting in the crowd, waving at his son, she had become thin but still had the warmth in her eyes when she looked at him. The Lakers won the game and the championship that night but Jim was given the Comeback of the Year trophy for his

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