Autobiographical Narrative of the Start of My Basketball Career

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Autobiographical Narrative of the Start of My Basketball Career Devin Bliss This paper is on my life as a basketball player. And that life started when I was 12 and was talked into trying it out at the YMCA. I had a blast playing and I had an amazing coach. His name was Coach Roland Parks and he is a big part of me deciding to play real basketball instead of the recreational league I played in. Coach Parks saw that I was gonna b real tall and he played me at the center position on the court. From there I learned a couple things about the position and a lot about the game. At the end of the year when I was 14 and still thinking about whether I should try out for the freshman school team he came and talked to me and convinced me to do so. Over that summer he worked with me on my conditioning and speed and most importantly my understanding of the game and my part in it. Over that summer I saw myself improve as a player. It also helped that I grew 2 inches over that summer as well, but at the end of it all I thought I was ready for the shot at playing real basketball. When I arrived at the high school for the first day of school I felt like I was in the land of giants even at me standing at 6 foot 2 and a half inches tall. After a few weeks of settling in the fall workouts were starting for basketball and I was excited to go. When I got there it became a different story entirely. Weight lifting was hard for me I was long I was skinny and I had no clue what I was doing. The open gyms were also harder than I imagined as well. They were levels above my own and I knew I wasn’t ready. So again Coach Parks came and helped me out and my confidence was coming back with the improvement I was working for. Well all the workouts and open gyms and private sessions had come to an end, it was time to try out for the team. It was the begging of November and I had only a couple

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