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Chris Paul There are few players in the sport of basketball that have the ability to dominate a game while standing no taller than 6 feet; Chris Paul is one of those players. He may also be known by his nickname, "C.P.3", an alias known universally in the basketball world. In an age where athletes are getting bigger, taller, and freakishly athletic, Chris Paul proves that the combination of smarts and the will to compete can make up for the physical deficiencies he has to overcome. Not many players possess the player/coach attribute that Chris uses to manage and control the game. But a high intellectual level was a product of his childhood and the way he was raised. Born in Lewisville, North Carolina on May 6, 1985, Chris's parents,…show more content…
His electrifying senior season earned him accolades such as McDonald's All-American and North Carolina's Mr. Basketball to name a couple (JockBio). In the McDonald's All-American game, Paul was teammates with the teenage phenomenon LeBron James. Chris Paul showed the world what type of player he was going to be, collecting ten assists and playing to get his teammates in position to score (Wake Forest: Men's Basketball). His pass-first approach to the game was special in itself, but what separated him as a superstar was his ability to score, as well as see the floor as arguably the best passer on the floor at all times. CP3 is notorious for manufacturing baskets when there seems to be no holes in the defense. Chris Paul was headed to Wake Forest as the highest rated recruit since Tim Duncan in 1993…show more content…
He was named the Rookie of the Year in 2006, which began a career that includes five consecutive All-Star game appearances from '08 until now, named twice to the All-NBA first team, and two Olympic gold medals with team USA ( Chris Paul bio). In a game that is generally dominated by the taller and stronger players, Chris Paul exemplifies how the game should be played 'below the rim' so to speak. Peyton Manning is an NFL quarterback for the Denver that is known for making his career based off being intellectually on another level in his sport, making up for his lack of speed and athleticism with precision and seeing things on the field before they happen. Chris Paul has been compared as the 'Peyton Manning' of the basketball court, based on his craftiness and advanced intellectual understanding of the sport. Two off-seasons ago, Chris Paul was the cornerstone piece in a trade that placed him with the Los Angeles Clippers with fellow young superstar, Blake Griffin. Chris Paul picked up right where he left off in New Orleans and has dazzled a usually scrutinizing crowd in

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