Personal Narrative-Sunnyside High School Soccer Team

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February 2, 2008 was our biggest most consequential game of the year, for our varsity school soccer team. The year could be described by some as a year of rebuilding and upset after upset. Yet to many of us it was a year of growing and building of friendship. The match that was lurking closer and closer was against Sunnyside High School who we had previously defeated in a nail-bitter style game. Nevertheless we knew not to underestimate them for they were currently ranked 2nd in this vast sate, that encompassed many commendable and worthy teams. The time for gaming grew near, as our anticipation mounted because this was the second game in the pronounced regional tournament. Wining the regional tourney could successfully launch our band of brothers into the state tournament.…show more content…
The hour was upon us as it was our time to shine. The zebra (referee) blew strongly into his noise-making device, labeled a whistle, and the match was on. Sunnyside came on strong as their side of Latin Americans pushed the black and white checkered ball to our net. Whatever path the ball took, miniature scrums broke loose behind it. Calling for fouls and penalties the refs kept the contest pure and fair. Time took its toll and both teams began to grow weary, as the opposing team would always come down the half either looking for a goal or blood. As the minutes ticked off it was still a tie game as their star defender was holding their fort down. I realized something had to be done, and quickly or else our hopes of the state tournament would be so brutally

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