Soccer: How To Become a Great Team Player

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Soccer: How to Become a Great Team Player Did you know that soccer is the most common sport played by people all around the world? Did you know that a very high percentage of teenagers, male and female, who currently play soccer would like to become a professional soccer player? Soccer is a great team sport. In order to be a great team player you need talent, passion, a positive attitude, and leadership. Talent is a great aspect to becoming a great team player. You need talent to succeed and make a good, well-known team. You need talent to be able to dribble, keep possession of the ball, and be able to know the right time to pass and shoot and also, play at a skillful and nippy level. An example of a time where talent was needed is when my brother was about nine years old and he played soccer. His team was going to play against one of the best teams in the league. It happened to be that the two boys who played forward with my brother had to miss the game. My brother had to prove, through his talent, to the other team that he could overcome the fact that he didn’t have his partners and lead his team to victory. Passion is the motivation that helps you continue playing what you love best. Passion is also your heart telling you to do what you love. If you play with passion you really learn more about the sport. You need passion to play the game well! Also, a great team player needs to have a positive attitude, because if not, it can cause a loss or a drop in others motivation and enthusiasm. For example, at one of my games our goalie went into the game with a bad attitude, and that caused everyone to become upset and lose motivation. As a result of her bad attitude, she got goals scored on her and we lost the game. Leadership, standing next to talent, is also a great aspect to becoming a great team player. Every team needs a strong and firm leader. Without

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