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Favorite sport: Soccer When I was in the third grade, I signed up to start playing soccer at my local park in Lakeland, FL. I was excited about this not only because it looked fun,but because all my friends were playing too. During the season, we had a game every Saturday morning or afternoon for about 4 months. I continued playing soccer all thru school and up until I graduated in 2004. Here are a couple of reasons why soccer has become my favorite sport. One thing I have learned is how to communicate with my fellow teammates. If there is no communication, you do not know if an opponent is coming after the ball from behind you or if someone is open to pass the ball. Communication is a very important key to playing on a soccer team or any other sports team for that matter. It is impossible to play soccer without communicating with your teammates. Another thing is exercise. There are eleven positions on a soccer team. The position I played the most is mid-fielder. The job of the mid-fielder is much harder than the rest I feel. The mid- fielders job is to try to score and make plays on offense but, also you have to play defense. So I was constantly running up and down the field. Therefore, from all the running we did at practice during the week and games on the weekends, kept me in good shape. Another reason soccer is my favorite sport is from all the memories I have from playing the game. All the years I have played, I have won many games but also lost many games as well. It was great if my team won the game but even if we lost,we still had fun. We all enjoyed getting to play together. An experience that I have had playing soccer I will always remember happened when I was in tenth grade. I was homeschooled but attended a private school only on Fridays. We had won the state championship that year and we were planning to go to Tennessee to participate in a
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