Fernando Torres Essay

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FERNANDO TORRES Autumn term 2012 English C Acknowledgements Thanks to everyone who helped me with this report, though I did everything by myself with help from different sources which I will present further down in this report. I want to thank my mom for supporting me and bringing me coffee. Abstract With his speed, strength and ability to find the target Fernando Torres has charmed the football world ever since his breakthrough as a teenager. Today, he belongs to the world's best striker and crushing the keepers as he scores in the Premier League. Now we dig into his life to learn more about him and his successful career in the business of football. Purpose In this report I want to get to know more about Fernando Torres and also learn the readers more about him aswell. Introduction/Background The purpose of this report it to get to know more about the famous football player Fernando Torres and let the readers of this report learn more about him also. Torres had a very bad internet reputation, therefore I got interested and started read a bit about him. He is now my favorite football player. Now I want to change his bad reputation and make people see him in a different way. This report will cover his background, and important and interesting phases of his life. The information is collected from different webpages which I will present later in this report. Methods At first, I started collecting information from the internet then I wrote it down on my computer. I compared the information I received from all the different sources and put together a complete report. 3 Findings and Results Fernando José Torres was born in Spain (Fuenlabrada) 20 March 1984. When Fernando was eight years old his family moved to Estorde, Galicia, it was there he met his current girlfriend Olalla. When Torres was 10 years old he started his football career in
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