The Hardship[S And Rewards Of Football

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Although I was not elected or chosen to play football, it was a decision that changed me more than any other aspiration I have pursued. Through intense training and perseverance, football transformed me physically, as well as mentally. As far as being a leader goes, football taught me about the value of each player combining together as a single unit which makes a one, whole, team. It teaches that the typical childhood cliché of teamwork is not to be taken lightly, and is the key to success which can be applied to any real world situation. Before I joined football I wasn’t much of anything. I didn’t know who I was as a person and I was often socially timid around others. Football taught me to be more outgoing and to be confident in who I was and my capabilities as an athlete. As a defensive football player my responsibilities were simple, to stop the opposing offence from advancing the ball. Though my task seemed rather elementary, it was much more complicated than that. Each man that was on the field for defense had his own duty, his own job to fulfill, and if one single man failed to achieve his goal, then the whole defense would crumble. This teaches one to be tough and to trust in others as you trust in yourself, because the key to success is teamwork, and the key to teamwork is building a relationship with each and every man on that field that is on your side. Through this hardened comradery between me and the rest of the men on my team, we fought through a hard season to make it to the playoffs, and achieve what I always dreamed of ever since I joined football. My hard work also paid off when I was awarded most improved player of the year! Football also taught me that when you have a leadership position that there are responsibilities that come with it and that people look up to you for guidance. When I first joined I never would have guessed that by my senior

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