Analyze American Men's Soccer with Spliss

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1. Using the SPLISS Variables presented in class assess the status of men’s soccer in America and what you feel it needs to do in the future to either maintain or grow or prevent decline in its international success. (I’m an international student, so I’m not familiar with American sport very much. I try my best to search the information and use the SPLISS theory to analyze soccer in the United States. If I write something incorrect or imperfect, please do not be angry at me.) Even though the position of soccer in the United States is lower than American football, it has developed quickly since 1994, the FIFA World Cup American. After the establishing of Major League Soccer (MLS) in 1993, the government and millions of soccer fans paid attention to this fantastic sport. The powerful economic system, stable government, and other factors guarantee the advantage of the US soccer performance in basic analysis. Therefore, SPLISS theory, which contains more details, is the suitable tool for America to assess its status of men’s soccer. In the last few years, American Men’s National Team completed arguably the most successful campaign in its history. The record-setting year included team bests for most wins (16), consecutive wins (16), and winning percentage (.761). Most importantly, the U.S. qualified for its seventh consecutive FIFA World Cup. Because the government’ paying attention to soccer, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and its affiliated councils developed quickly. The president is Sunil K. Gulati and other nine directors represent the USSF and several councils, such as Youth Council, Adult Council, and Professional Council. These departments work separately and meet annually. From talent identification to sports medicine development, each work is completed by different specific department. These divisions are sufficient and not redundant. For

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