Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Soccer

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Soccer is a fun, active sport to play. Often called “the world’s game”, just about every country around the world has fallen in love with the sport. Soccer’s popularity has grown dramatically in this country, and many more kids are beginning to play. With this being said, a lot of people don’t know how to play this beautiful sport. First, there are eleven players on a team. These elven players consist of a goalkeeper, three defenders, four midfielders, and three attackers, or forwards, depending on how the coach wants his/her lineup to appear. Often times there are four defenders and three midfielders. Coaches’ strategies differ, thus changing the lineup of the soccer team. Every line of players make up a large part of the field, and as…show more content…
Midfielders’ jobs are to assist the defense in stopping the opposing team, and then push their team up the field and assist the offense. Midfielders set up the majority of their team’s goals, and get a very large amount of assists. I happen to play center midfield, and I absolutely love it. I consider myself to be the director of traffic on the field by keeping things running smoothly. Midfield is a very entertaining position to play, and exercise is not a problem when playing it. Attackers, or forwards, are also a very important part of a good soccer team. Their sole responsibility is to put the ball in the net and get their team points. I often wish I played forward because they run the least amount of anybody on the team, excluding only the goalkeeper. Usually the most talented and skilled players on the team are forwards. Soccer is a great sport, just as the entire world claims it to be. A very large amount of hard work is required to be a good soccer player, but soccer is one of the most entertaining sports to play. The rules of soccer are not complicated, but it takes a smart athlete to be successful at the sport. I love soccer, and I will be sure to teach as many people about this sport as I

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