People You Can Meet on a Soccer Field

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People You Can Meet on a Soccer Field People are everywhere and you can see them walking, chatting, laughing, and doing lots of different activities. As you know, there are people and people, some are good, some are bad, some are shy, and some are hyperactive. There are also people you can trust and people you will never trust simply because of their attitudes towards you. In addition, there are people that you will feel attached to and others that you will never get along with. As there are different kinds of people, there are different places where you can meet people; one of them is on a soccer field playing. Playing soccer is my passion, and I have been playing soccer almost my entire life. I could say that thanks to soccer I have found good friends, and rivals that after games have become good friends. In the field there are three main types of characters that you can meet. There are the star players, the shy players and the rough players. First of all, the star players are the ones who can do lots of tricks and are categorized as the best on the team. Generally they have the number ten (10), nine (9) or eleven (11) on their backs. They are also the ones who make the crowds yell “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL”, and stay exited all the time by maintaining the suspense in the game. Another attribute is that they are gifted with the ball at their feet. They quite often are the ones who save games by making a goal at the last minute of the game, and give their teams the wins. For example, Maradona, who was the number ten (10) in the Argentinean team, made two of the best goals of soccer history in less than ten minutes in the Mexico world cup in 1986 against England. When you talk to them they are very friendly and happy. Those are the ones that you can talk with, and be friends easily, even though, they may be your rivals in the game that you are protagonist.

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