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Soccer: Live it and Love it Back when I was in elementary school, I was one of the unhealthy and unfit people. I am beginning to play soccer back in elementary school, which helps me to get out of this situation. Now, I am fit and healthy due to playing soccer. Playing soccer burns more calories than workout which help lose weight quickly. Research shows that many young people who play soccer are possible to be corpulent. Soccer does benefit your health because it lowers body fat, it helps build strength, flexibility and endurance, and it would reduce the level of stress hormones. The first reason why soccer does benefit your health is that soccer actually lowers body fat. According to Ben Prien, soccer playing burns more calories than a…show more content…
According to Rogue Parrish, players get plenty of aerobic conditioning from running during practices and games (Parrish). This show that player will increase their endurance by running in practice and play soccer game because of the aerobic energy. According to Rogue Parrish, an award-winning writer, “endurance will enable you to keep your focus, your jumping ability and the capacity for bursts of speed on the dribble. Soccer depends on agility, strength, quickness, flexibility and, most of all, in this nonstop game of 90 minutes or more, endurance” (Parrish). This quote is supporting the argument while playing soccer endurance going to help you keep your focus without worry about the conditions of your body. In soccer, endurance is the most important thing you need to focus on to play a whole full game. Another reason soccer does benefits health is that soccer help to reduce depression and…show more content…
Sometimes sport can be a dangerous sport because player tackling to try to win the ball and there are a lot of injuries such as ankle sprains, concussion, groin pull and muscle cramps. This argument overlooks is the harmful side of soccer, but some injuries might not be happening due to you being healthy and fit. Soccer is one of the best ways to be fit and healthy because soccer requires a lot of running, making your muscle stronger to prevent injuries and increase your endurance to available to play full a whole

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