Running Head: The Athlete And Steroids

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Running Head: THE ATHLETE AND STEROIDS The Athlete and Steroids John Dome Rhetoric 1312 Oklahoma State University THE ATHLETE AND STEROIDS The day was August 7th, 2007, and the Washington Nationals were playing against the San-Francisco Giants. It was the 5th inning, and Barry Bonds was up to bat. The whole stadium rose to their feet, for this was a momentous occasion. Bonds was one homerun away from breaking Hank Aarons record for the most home runs of all time. Mike Bacsik, the pitcher for the nationals, threw the ball and the rest was history. Bonds hit the ball clear into the bleachers. The fans went crazy, some were even crying. Bonds took a bow as he reached home plate, and then picked up his son as he held up his index finger,…show more content…
The Main reason athletes take steroids is to increase their athletic performance, and while this is good for the player himself, it is also good for the audience. Increased athletic ability would allow players to deliver larger hits in football, hit the ball farther in baseball, run faster in track,…show more content…
Once one has done this, it is easy to tell that steroids shouldn’t be legalized. While the thought of stronger, faster, and more elite athletes does spike ones interest, the negative effects seem to outweigh the positives. When one takes into consideration how easily influenced the youth of America is by professional athletes, it is undeniable that teens will most likely begin using steroids to become more like the players they idolize. Steroid use in teens has been proven to cause addiction and even suicide and that seems like a rather large price to pay just to increase athletic performance. Aside from the negative influence, the negative health effects that come along with steroids can be dreadful. While steroids may increase muscle and athletic performance, they also increase chance of heart disease, stroke, and other heart related problems. Being able to hit a home run or throw the ball a few extra yards is not worth damaging the most vital organ in the human body. Finally, the most important point of all is that by taking steroids, one is cheating God by enhancing the body that He has already made perfectly. The situation would be different if one could not gain muscle without the use of steroids, but that is not the case. Steroids are just a cheap shortcut to help people gain muscle faster .If one is patient and works hard, they can get the same results without all of the damaging side effects because that is how God designed the body

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