Legalizing Steroids Research Paper

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Casual Argument Comp. II February 25, 2012 Legalizing Steroids In life people want quick results no matter what they are doing. One of the most frustrating things is spending so much time on something and not getting the results you want. Steroids are a supplement that raises the testosterone levels in a person’s body and in result builds muscle quickly. People will get quick results when using properly. Many people do not think that they should be legalized because of the side effects of using them. On the other hand many people also think that they should be legalized because of the quick results they create. Much like smoking, steroids have side effects, but if people are will to take the risk, why not legalize steroids. Steroids are a compound that helps regulate various bodily functions. These compounds mimic the effects of anabolic and androgenic hormones such as testosterone. Steroids can be taken orally as a pill or powder or by injection. What this means is the user will experience…show more content…
The use of steroids not only will increase their level of play but also will increase their confidence level. The author of the article, “Steroids: The Good”, says, “One of the best Androgenic effects of steroids such as testosterone is that they help you think. Being in the zone and that state of complete focus are aided by high testosterone levels” (Ray). Due to the person taking it, the person will think they are more opt to do better because they are on this performance enhancing drug. For example, a baseball player takes steroids. This will increase his physical strength hitting the ball further. But it still takes skill to hit the ball. The steroid doesn’t literally per say help the player make more solid contact. But, the baseball player will feel more confident at the plate and feel as if no pitcher can get them
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