Why Do Baseball Players Use Steroids?

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In the history of the Unite States there have been many kinds of sports scandals. There has been everything from baseball teams intentually losing a important game as a bribe like the 1919 Black Sox. All the way to point shaving the college basketball in the 1940s and 1950s. The one thing that most sports scandals have in common is that they have something to do with money. Usually setting up a game in order for someone to earn money a cheating way. In baseball there have been a lot of major controversies of the use of steroids and other performance enhancing, muscle building drugs. It’s been all over the news for years now. It seems like every year there is a new baseball player that everybody thought was the greatest but then later…show more content…
Four different sources has told Sports Illustrated that Alex Rodriguez is on the long list of 104 major league baseball players that failed the drug test that tested for two separate drugs, Primobolan and Testosterone. In 2003, when he tested positive, he was the home run king and also the most valuable player for the year. Although steroids were illegal in the MLB at that time there were no banns or penalties for the use of them. This is one of the reasons so many athletes used them (credibility…show more content…
Professional athletes are only concerned with one thing. That is winning. Because professional athletes are fierce competitors they use steroids to get ahead of the game. There are mainly two reasons that they use artificial steroids. Money is very important this day in age and using steroids will make you better than everyone and you will be rich and successful. Another is to win and acquire personal fame (III 1). Money is a very large reason for professional athletes to use steroids. But it has plenty incentives for someone who is trying to make it into the major leagues and need that extra “push” to get there so they can stop working hard boring jobs and get paid to do what they love. It could be the difference of working two jobs seventy hours a week or being rich and famous and retire middle aged in a tropical part of the world. As of the major league players like mark McGwire and Barry Bonds there is no reason why they should take them. These players would have millions of dollars and be celebrities for the rest of their lives (III

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