Professional Athletes Over Paid Essay

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April 24, 2012 The Professional Sports industry is and industry that has people wondering & questioning if the athletes that play them are over paid or not? Well in my opinion and many others tend to lean to thinking the athletes are paid correctly and not over paid. Why I think they are not over paid is simply because of what it takes to become a professional athlete and its entertainment for all the spectators as well as all of the hard work& dedication that is put into their jobs. What does it take to become a professional athlete? #1-Well the best answer would be that it takes a person that is more than dedicated, a person willing to surpass any obstacle, a person that wants it so bad that it becomes there life. If you think about it they are pro’s at what they do and we pay for it, watch it, and love what they do. Being a professional athlete would take everything that you have and most that try don’t even come close. In reality the time, effort, stress put on professional athletes is…show more content…
Like I said its all for our entertainment and if the 300 million of Americas didn’t love professional sports so much the industry wouldn’t be thriving like it is we are the ones that pay it watch it and to have a part in it. Professional sports is a great industry and maybe some day I will be able to make it there and be apart of the action. If you’re the sports kind of person then you’d have to agree that professional athletes if not most aren’t over paid. To be completely honest I do sometimes think that there are some athletes that are over paid. The counter to that is the amount that celebrities and movie stars get paid millions. They are in the same business as the professional sports it’s just in a little bit of a different type of entertainment but they are both entertainment that we all

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