Why Do Americans Use Steroids In Sports

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In high schools across the United States, many people are using drugs and being caught using drugs. In addition these people influence their peers and other people around them. In these high schools, some of the people influenced by this illegal activity are sports players who think that by using that one day they might make it into the major leagues or at least the minor leagues. One of the sports that is most affected by steroid usage in the US is baseball. Steroids in baseball are wrong because it ruins the games reputation, and it negatively influences the athlete's health. The drug uses of these athletes are not only bad for the players but bad for young people who look up to athletes as role models. Baseball’s reputation has been painted…show more content…
Jose Canseco who dominated the league for 13 seasons winning four silver sluggers, an MVP, and a Rookie of the year award not to mention being in 6 all-star games and hitting a grand total of 462 homeruns was one of the first baseball players to go public with his usage. Mr. Canseco publicly admitted to his usage of steroids in 2005, when he admitted to using steroids he also named numerous players that he knew used steroids or that he gave steroids to himself. Mark McGuire was one of those players that Canseco said used steroids, Mr. McGuire later did admit to the fact that he used steroids after he retired from the game with a career total 583 homeruns. Barry Bonds who for now is baseballs all-time homerun leader with 762 homeruns was busted for using steroids on multiple occasions so many times that you could ask just about anybody that follows baseball if they believed Barry Bonds used steroids and they would agree. Some more recent players, players that many kids used to look up to as role models, that have been busted for steroid usage include Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, and Alex Rodrigues. Roger Clemens fast ball was talked about as a fast ball that nobody could touch; he was believed to be the best clean pitcher in the MLB, but with his recent admission to using steroids we all know why his fastball was so “untouchable” to hitters. Manny Ramirez was caught using steroids by baseballs anonymous drug test list, Ramirez was high up on the homerun list with 546 homeruns and all in all just a fun sight to see on the field. Alex Rodrigues is a baseball player that was thought to be bringing the homerun record back into the hands of a player who hasn’t used steroids instead of Barry Bonds being the all-time homerun leader. Once again baseball’s reputation for steroids was tarnished

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