The Importance Of Pitching

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The Importance of Pitching “A baseball team will only go as far as their pitching staff takes it” (Denny Peterson, San Joaquin Delta College Baseball assistant coach). From 2000 to 2004 the Oakland Athletics features one of the best pitching rotations of all time; that being their three starters, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito. With these three outstanding pitchers in their starting rotation, the Oakland Athletics ended up with a total record of 392-255 from 2000-2004 when all three of the previously named pitchers were on the team together ( Now, however, the Athletics do have a couple talented, healthy pitchers (that being Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill) but no member of their pitching staff has the experience like the bull pins of teams like the Philadelphia Phillies, or the New York Yankees. The Yankees have been in the playoffs every year since 1995, with the exception of 2008, and the Phillies have been there every year since 2007. Their excellent pitching staff is what took them there. A baseball team without a capable pitching staff, physically and mentally, is destined to end up on the losing side when the season comes to a close. The defensive and offensive sides of the ball are close to an equal amount of importance. The pitcher, however, is arguably the most important position on the field. If thought about, the winning or losing of a game relies on the pitchers. That is why, when the game ends, they either take the “Win” or the “Loss”. Even if the winning run of a game scores because of an error, the current pitcher will receive the loss even though he was not at all at fault. At times like these, the pitcher has to take responsibility for the loss. But why pitchers are the ones that get the record of a win or loss proves why they are the most important position on the field. This is a complete individual stat
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