The Effects of Steroids in Baseball

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The Effects of Steroids in Baseball Baseball is America’s Sport. It is our nation’s past time. As the years have passed, the game has changed tremendously. More players have developed and the game has just changed all around. Including the introduction of steroids in baseball. Steroids change the game incredibly. Many of the players career’s and lives have been affected by the use of steroids. Steroids are at the root of the defamation of baseball. To start off, steroids have impacted baseball dramatically. Steroids enhance the performance of the athletes that play the game today. It not only adds an unfair advantage to the player abusing the illegal drug. It also adds a superstar to the already star casted teams of the MLB. As seen in many cases of steroid usage, a player and a team has a bad year the season before. Then, during the offseason the player gets on a cycle or two of steroids. His next season he, along with his team, is completely turned around from the season before and they have an all star like year. A good example of this is the left fielder for the San Francisco Giants Melky Ward 2 Cabrera, who did nothing above average all of his seasons. Then he was caught taking steroids, and at the time his hitting stats were the best in the league batting at a whopping .451. As I said before it is unfair to those players not using steroids because their abilities are lower than the other players. This is one of the few new infamous changes of the game today. Moving on to the next thing involving steroids in baseball. The players can have their life and baseball career uprooted by the use of steroids. Many of the greats in history have taken steroids when they didn’t even need to. Two of these players that come to mind are Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, arguably two of the best hitters of all time. Both of them broke hitting records in their playing
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