Summary: Banning Steroid Users In Baseball

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Juicing the Game: Banning Steroid Users in Baseball Over the past year, Major League Baseball took a huge step in cracking down on steroid users. Multiple players were not suspended for failing a drug test, but for the physical evidence provided by Anthony Bosch who gave the steroids to the players. The suspensions were hefty to certain players who had been previously suspended. Players were suspended for the remainder the 2013 baseball season. Just recently, Major League Baseball increased the number of games suspension for steroid users. The suspension for a first time offender went from 50 games to 80. A player who has been caught a second time, will now be suspended an entire 162 game season. If a player violates a third time,…show more content…
Baseball has long been the pastime in American sports and the steroid use has caused an upset due to the tradition of the game (Carise). Players see using steroids as an artificial advantage compared to the earliest days of the sport (Carise). Players have made statements, such as “…in 2003, David “Boomer” Wells claimed that up to 40 percent of major leaguers use steroids” (Carise). In 2005, Jose Canseco who was a known steroid user for his entire career said, “…that up to 80 percent of major leaguers had taken steroids” (Carise). Testing in baseball did not begin until 2003 and steroids did not make Major League Baseball’s banned substance list until 1991 (Carise). Steroid use will no longer be tolerated by MLB (Carise). Players such as Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez headline the list of steroid users. Mark McGwire ended his career with 583 career homeruns that ranks seventh in baseball history and is now linked to the steroid scandal (Performance 7). He refused to cooperate with the investigation that he took steroids (Performance 7). Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds are both known as players who wanted to break the homerun record. Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the entire 2014 season for having physical evidence such as transaction papers showing that he purchased steroids. Major League Baseball is taking drastic measures to catch steroid

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