Personal Narrative: Major League Baseball

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Imagine what life would be like without America’s pastime. Itd be like no fireworks on the forth of July or life without your favorite hobby. That’s exactly what happened in 1994 when Major League Baseball’s (MLB) owners and players failed to reach an agreement on a dispute over a salary cap and revenue sharing which resulted in a player strike. The resulting work stoppage lasted for 232 days, August 12, 1994 until March 31, 1995, and more importantly resulted in the cancellation of the 1994 World Series, the first time in 90 years that Americans weren’t able to watch the World Series, Major League Baseball’s annual championship games. I have been around baseball for literally as long as I have been alive. I was born in September of 1991 and watched the Twins win there second World Series from the lap of my dad. I have been playing baseball since I have had the oppurtunity which started at about the age of 5. Last summer I played for three different teams so baseball is a huge part of who I am. Without some form of salary cap to mitigate the large market teams from spending on player salary at will, baseball is allowing its smaller market teams and their fans as well as the national popularity of the game of professional baseball to suffer. This gap which separates big market from small market isn’t just affecting a few of MLB’s 30 teams, but rather at least half of the teams are suffering due to the uncontrolled spending of a few big market teams.…show more content…
MLB has implemented to processes, the Revenue Sharing System and the Luxury Tax, to serve in the place of the salary cap, but as evidence clearly shows these processes have failed to accomplish their original

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