Compare And Contrast Essay On Hall Of Fame Vs Steroids

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Zachery Stephen Julie Ramon English 101 November 20, 2012 Hall of Fame vs. Steroids Seven-time gold glove winner, 298 career average, 762 home runs (all time record holder), 2558 RBI's, ten time all star, four time most valuable player, and 71 home runs in a season (major league record) considered by many the greatest hitter that ever lived no doubt this man should be a hall of famer. Right? According to most experts no because the man listed above is Barry Bonds who played in baseballs "steroid era" and is believed to have used performance enhancing drugs. According to there is no exact and clear-cut definition for it , but loosely speaking, it is any substance intended to improve a particular physical skill-set or performance, particularly in the realm of sport competitions (Enhancing Drugs). The "steroid era" in…show more content…
He is a convicted felon. He has no chance of getting in the Hall of Fame the first year, and likely won't for many years to come. Some will vote for him using the logic that he was already a Hall of Famer before he started using performance-enhancing drugs. He already had three MVPs, 400 homers, 400 steals and seven Gold Gloves. But that logic is challenged by some people, such as Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who contends that in golf if you shoot 31 on the front nine and you cheat on the back nine, you are disqualified for the round." (Kurkjian). Bonds was considered a hall of famer before he was linked to performance enhancing drugs. Many close to Bonds believe he started using because he was jealous of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa recieving so much publicity during their battle for the single season home run chase which McGwire won and Bonds broke his record the next season. Bonds didn't want to be just a hall of famer he wanted to be the greatest hitter ever and nothing would stop him from achieving this goal, even if this meant

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