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{draw:frame} 1971-1996 By Latoya Jefferson The life of Tupac Shakur As you know Elvis was known for rock and roll. Tupac Shakur defined the hip hop music scene, as everybody knows it today.Tupac also known as 2pac or Makaveli. He was so special were his enormous talent shown his friendly looks, and the sense that he was a real person. He could walk the walk and talk the talk. Tupac to me was the best rapper alive. His performance talks for itself. When he performs, he told a story and I love him for that. When the man talk he keep it real he didn’t hide everything about his life or what was going on about it. Many people looked at him like he was an animal, they didn’t look at him look a human being with feelings. The media make him out to be a monster or a thug and that was not the case. If…show more content…
The 7 days between his shooting and his death, his many predictions of his own death, and his use of "Makaveli" only added credence to such theories(The Gale Group, Inc. Contemporary Black Biography 2006). Tupac has many unreleased recording and films that remain in the vaults. By saying this his life might be over but his soul and work will live on. Yet the possibility remained that it was his death that would leave the strongest mark on pop culture; his murder sparked considerable debate about the end of the "Gangster" era and the futility of the "Thug Life’’(The Gale Group, Inc. Contemporary Black Biography 2006). In the words of the greatest rapper that was ever born and touched many people-“ U Ever share your soul with a stranger only to realize he was a long lost friend? Ever talk 2 a man like U with a woman and share what you can’t with other men?” Written exuxlusively 4 Angela from Tupac Shakur. (Ardis, Angela, Inside A Thug’s Heart, New York City,

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