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Mr. Popular Sean P. French COMM 215 August 19, 2011 Vikki Horton Mr. Popular Analyse of how American football became the most popular sport in the United States. With lying to grand juries and steroids football quickly took the top spot from baseball. Yes, there are steroids in American football, but American’s like for their gladiators to be violent. Since baseball is stuck in the past, never looking to the future. Always holding on to the past is the main reason why baseball was passed up by football in popularity. American football is always looking for ways to become a trendsetter. For instance, the invention of the forward pass and the addition of instant replay to the game is a couple of ways that American football sets the…show more content…
Football has embraced the use of technology in the game, but baseball refuses to use technology to enhance the game. For instance, instant replay in football is used to by the referee’s to ensure that he made the right call, but not ever call. Also coaches can throw out a flag to request a referee to watch the last play, in many different angles to help their team. Baseball has decided that watching a video of if a player was safe or out on the last play is not important, the judgment of a tired weary and tired umpire is better. Football is willing to spend some of the billions of dollars that is generated to help the referees make the right call. In addition, the fans wanted replay in the…show more content…
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