Brave Dragons And Derek Jeter Character Analysis

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Rolando Rosario April 30, 2012 Prof .Nancy Best Brave dragons and Derek Jeter The brave dragons were Chinese basketball players that went through many obstacles to overcome china’s traditions and worked hard to become better players. China has many different traditions that a player has to go through to get better at a sport or anything else. In the book the brave dragons had to go through uttermost training to win games. They had to pick each other up on their back at times because for them that increases team work, another tradition was for the team to hold hands, they also had to do extreme circuit training like running back and forth until the coach decided that they had enough. They also had to write their…show more content…
Most of Derek’s new knowledge came at the plate where he learned techniques from other players, where he was schooled on the art of hitting to all fields. Different pitches in different locations required different swings and the quicker he reacts than the faster he would reach the major leagues with all-stars players. Although Derek Jeter took hitting instructions he was having problems because he would struggle .200 all summer long in his first season and he also let his hitting effect his fielding.(Swiryn) He booted 21 balls in 58 games at stops with the New York’s rookie level team in Tampa and even with the Greensboro Hornets. His minor league manager Gary Denbo assured him this was fundamental stuff and it was easy to fix through repetition. Derek Jeters only concern was his defense. He committed 56 errors; the third worst mark in all of pro baseball .Many of these mistakes came on plays shortstops would have tried. Derek was still good, he was able to do a jump and throw from the hole, gun guys out from his knee, and one hand slow roller. He still was not making the easy plays consistently enough. By halfway of Derek Jeter season he had a total of 30 mistakes. Gene Michael paid Jeter a visit a former Yankee short stop, Michael had become one…show more content…
Americans think differently from Chinese people because we have more independence than them. In the book the Brave Dragons, the team had to go through these difficult and extensive training sessions that were supposed to get them better. Derek Jeter is an example, in his career he had to become a better player because he was doing too many mistakes. To get better he went to a training camp where he practice his catching skills and also his batting skills. When we talk about the different paradigm between the American and the Chinese, Derek Jeter accomplishment apply to the American paradigm because Jeter loved baseball since he was a little boy and always knew he was going to join the New York Yankees. He wasn’t forced by his parents to do anything they wanted him to do they left it up to him to choose. He was determined to become a baseball player so he worked his hardest and worked on his mistakes that he accomplished his goal that’s why I really admire

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