Case Study: Strike Zone Pitching Instructing Business

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Strike Zone Pitching Instructing Business Megan Spence 1 Executive Summary Strike Zone is a pitching instructing business. My name is Megan Spence and my father James Spence is my business partner. Strike Zone will be very successful because my father and I have so much experience in this industry. I was a pitcher in high school and newcomer of the year, 1st team all-district and the highlight of my high school career I was awarded district pitcher of the year. I also pitched in college at Northwood University, so I know what it takes to become a great pitcher and my father has been a fast pitch softball umpire for 12 years, he has a great deal of in depth knowledge of the game and the rules. Our target market is girls from…show more content…
Another big competitor will be the businesses that have been around for a long time. Also all the business in the industry who have their own indoor facility will be big competition. But like I mentioned in the executive summary we are prepared for that. We are a little cheaper than most businesses in this industry and all the experience my father and I have will really take us a long way and we are very well known in the area that we will be selling too.…show more content…
 Like I said before I have pitched at the high school and college level, so whatever the customer is trying to achieve I can help. I Can teach my customers how to pitch 7 different pitches Fast ball - drop curve  Change up  Drop ball  Screw ball  Rise ball  Curve ball  My dad who is my business partner also knows what he is doing; he watched me and   went to all my pitching lessons, he will catch the pitchers at all the lessons.  I also want to stress the importance of the mental aspect of pitching because I have been there and as you get older that part of the game is the hardest part of the game. Summer Camps  During the summers we will have 3 pitching instructing camps. There will be one camp in each of the months of summer. June, July and August.  The camps will last 3 days, the first 2 days will be instructing with my father and me, we will be doing a lot of drills working on speed and movement on the ball, and then the third day will be scrimmaging, where the pitchers can pitch to batters, and see how they are doing.

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