My Idleball-Personal Narrative

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As I reached the field, the first thing I noticed was the wind. It had to be blowing nearly thirty or forty miles per hour. Normally, this would not affect me in anyway, but today I was pitching. I noticed that the wind was blowing towards the third base line which is the opposite direction of my breaking pitches. I just knew that I was going to get murdered out there. The first batter stepped in and I threw a fastball right down the pipe. I thought to myself that this was a good sign. The next pitch I threw a curveball that had the batter buckling his knees and was in for a strike. I followed this with a slider that broke straight through for a called strike three. This wasn’t going to be too bad. I pitched through five innings with seven…show more content…
The grass had been freshly mowed and the infield perfectly dragged. I stood in centerfield to begin the game, eyes focused intensely on the batter. Around the third pitch or so, the ball was struck in front of me. I ran at full speed, feeling the grass fly behind me with each step in my cleats. As I reached the ball I could tell it was going to be pushing it to reach it. I had dove times before and sometimes made the play. What worried me was that the last time I had, I missed the ball by inches and allowed the runners to advance. I decided to leave all of this behind and knew I was going to go for it. I pushed off the ground in mid-sprint and stretched my entire body out. I felt the wind against my face, blowing on it as if I were skydiving. With my outstretched glove, I felt the ball land inside as body slide across the grass like a penguin sliding into the water. I held the ball up to show I had made the play and knew inside myself I was confident enough to make this play every…show more content…
Our rival team, who we had never beaten, like I mentioned before, had come to our field for the final time during my playing days. I wanted the win more than anything I had ever wanted while playing baseball. I had talked to my coach and he allowed me to get the start pitching against them. My nerves were trying to get the best of me but I pushed them aside because this was too important. I started off pitching very well and got through the first few innings with relative ease. While my team was batting, we scored two runs in the fourth. When I got back on the mound for the fifth inning, I allowed a single followed by another hit that got through for an error by our shortstop. The next batter hit an easy fly ball to right field and I was relieved. But when the right fielder got there he completely missed the ball allowing the first two runners to score with ease. I was devastated. Then rest of the inning went by with no more trouble and the game continued. When back on the mound for the sixth, I had gotten the first two outs easily but the next hitter did the unthinkable. He jacked a solo homerun to left field off of me and they led by one. During the bottom of the sixth, I was up to bat with runners on second and third. There were two outs and I knew I needed something to happen. The pitcher through his pitch and I hit a line drive to the gap in left-center and

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