The Sandlot movie critique

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The Sandlot The movie “The Sandlot” is a very good example of the way adolescents act and their lifestyle as a whole. We see how they go through their summer days and interact with each other. The film takes place in 1962 and is a flashback of the life of Scotty Smalls when he moves into a new neighborhood with his mother and stepfather. The didn’t allow Scotty to make many new friends but he eventually follows some of the neighborhood kids after school one day and sees them playing baseball. While he is watching them play he ends up throwing the ball to them and gets made fun of because he cannot throw well. All the kids make fun of him and call him a loser and dork. This shows how adolescents can effect the self esteem of each other, and how they feed off the actions of others. Even though all the kids tease him, the best player on the team accepts him and asks Smalls to play on their team so they can have a full roster. Benny gets the rest of the crew to accept Smalls by having him hold his glove hand in the air, and hitting a fly ball right into Scotty's glove. Eventually after practice and a few games Smalls becomes a valuable part of the team and helps them throughout their summer games. These actions of moving and having to make new friends shows how adolescents must accept different things. Even when times are rough in teen lives, one must make the best of it and not allow the struggles to effect their self esteem. A divorce is a hard time for an adolescent at a young age and “The Sandlot” is a perfect example of how teens deal with the dilemma. In a whole, “The Sandlot” shows great detail of how adolescents act with new surroundings, and how teens can be affected by family and peer relations. Not only did it show struggles, but it showed how teens overcome them and how their role in growing up and self esteem play a huge part in shaping their
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