Why I Love Baseball Essay

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TWEET (172) SHARE PIN The Cardinals are my least-favorite team in baseball. There isn't another team in the league that I dislike more. Everything they do bugs me. I suspect this is also true for many Brewers fans, though some might dislike, say, the Cubs more or at least on an even-tilt. I try to be a positive person, always looking on the bright side of things. But the Cardinals are the target of most of my frustrations. Brewers losing? Damned Cardinals! Something goes wrong at work? Cardinals are the problem! Significant other leaves me? Tony La Russa got to them. Catch my drift? Here is a detailed reasoning of why I hate the Cardinals, which sometimes I feel bad about because the guys over at Viva El Birdos seem pretty great…show more content…
Our untucked heroes were a fun, young lineup that would remove their jerseys from the confines of their pants after wins out of respect for blue collar workers that are ubiquitous in Milwaukee. The celebration stemmed from outfielder Mike Cameron and his father, who would untuck when he got home after a long days work. Now, OK, so this is the kind of thing where I think people get too serious about sports and forget what they are great for. Sports are, in the end, entertainment. They're an escape from Real Life. They allow us to root for something outside of us, and they are meant for us to enjoy them. There's a reason why I hate The Unwritten Rules -- half of them seem based around keeping the sport as dull as possible while the rest are about hitting batters for perceived slights. You want young people to watch the game? Let it be fun and don't let stodgy teams muck it up. That's baseball's biggest problem, in my opinion. Yasiel Puig and Bryce Harper and Carlos Gomez are talked about as immoral examples rather than as fun, young, dynamic stars. Flipping a bat is not the same as flipping the bird,
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