Scout as an Effective Narrator in 'to Kill a Mockingbird'

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In the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" we have evidence that Scout is a young girl who is relatively innocent. She has been raised to have a positive frame of mind by her father. She is innocent to the damage that racism can cause. Scout is used to narrate the story so that the reader can see the events through the perspective of an innocent child. Scout is amazed by the response of the townspeople after her father takes the case of Tom Robinson. Tom was accused of raping a white girl. After Attics takes the case children mock Scout and call Atticus, her father, a nigger lover. In addition, people that she has always thought of as good and friends show up at the house to make threats if Atticus continues to take the case. When she begins to recognize that Tom is innocent during the trial both she and her brother are shocked that he is found guilty. Through Scout's the comfortable town of Maycomb rears its ugly side of racism. Scout is also a child playing a child's game. For all of her life people have gossiped and told stories about the Radley's son Boo. Scout and her brother even play games about him using him as the boogieman. As Scout matures she begins to realize hat Boo is not much different than Tom. He is perceived the way the townspeople have create him to be, no who he really is as a human being. Boo saves the children. Scout comes to realize that he is gentle and not the violent creature the townspeople has represented him to be. She also realizes that if he had been tried in a court of law for protecting the children, he would be proved guilty even though he was innocent. The prejudices that the town held against Tom's skin color are also there against Boo's mental state and his family's reclusive
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