Trash Walks Analysis

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Trash Walks essay The story “Trash Walks” is a story about a boy and his addiction to drugs. It takes up things like parenting, drug dealing, social environment and similar subjects. I have no sources of who have written the short story or when it was written, only that it is by Apollo. This essay will be about Lucky lifestyle - was it self-chosen or did it just become his path in life? The second part will be about Luckys relationship with his parents and whether or not it was alright that they kicked him out like they did. The third and last part will be about life as an addict. ”Trash Walks” is a short story about a guy named Lucky. He’s only fifteen years old and already an addict. Because of his addiction, he is thrown out of his home by his parents. His father smacks him in the face, calls him trash and throws him out on the street. Not long after Lucky finds Dove. Dove is a drug dealer who decides to help Lucky and takes him into his home, where Lucky is to be his runner. Lucky seems happy to be working for Dove as well as living with him and there seem to be a light ahead for him. Yet after a couple of deals gone wrong, and the breaking of a rule Dove had made, Lucky is shot in the head. Firstly I want to discuss if his lifestyle was chosen by himself or if it just was a path he was set upon. Lucky is only fifteen years old. He’s living at home in the beginning, but gets kicked out by his parents because of his drug addiction. Though he is only fifteen he knows a lot about drugs and dealing, and the writer makes him sound like he has been doing drugs for a long time. The environment he is born in, the environment we all are born in is not self-chosen. We don’t choose were we are born and which conditions we are born in to, but the question is, can we break out of the environment we are born in to a better environment? Or perhaps a worse environment than
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