Holden Caulfield Psychological Analysis

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Holden Caulfield, a seventeen year old boy who does not quite fit the world he lives in. While Holden is an intelligent soul he gets kicked out of one of the prestigious military schools, Pencey Prep. Not so close with his mother or father and anti-social with the “phonies” he calls friends, Holden cannot seem to get anything right. This patient was admitted to this institution because his parents notice his erratic behavior. If my observations are correct, Holden Caulfield is suffering from his brother Allie’s death. There are no causes of suffering from a sibling’s death. Such a devastating event leads to mental unstableness. “The death of a sibling means loss of a playmate, confidante, role model, and friend” (Packman, et al. 820 ), Holden lost his best friend. He lost a side of him that he can never get back. Holden was thirteen too when he lost his brother and Allie was relatively young which makes Allie innocent in the eyes of Holden. The night Allie died, Holden punched out the windows in the garage. “I…show more content…
Holden constantly drinks knowing that he is only seventeen. Holden cannot seem to admit that he has a problem. The only way to get his mind off of Allie is by drinking. Holden “ordered a Scotch and soda, which is [his] favorite, next to frozen Daiquiris” (85). Holden tries to escape reality by drinking his problems away; it is basically to solve the unhappiness in his life. Holden gets so drunk that he cannot even see straight and goes to call Sally Hayes about a Christmas tree (150-151). But the depression comes back and he starts thinking about Allie again. He starts thinking about the time he went to the cemetery to see Allie’s grave and it rained on his tombstone and rained on his stomach (155). The abuses of alcohol causes more problems in Holden’s life and the more and more he drinks, the more his memories of Allie comes

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