Man I Hate This Place Book Report

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Introduction The main idea about the story is about a bully. Tyray came from a troubled family and didnt have very many friends. The kids that he bullied began making threats to kill him. He didnt know what to do after this so he bought a gun thinking he would get his respect back. Authors Bio Paul Langans was born in Philadelphia in 1972. he spent his childhood in the city until he moved to New Jersey with his mother. He attended public schools. He had many jobs, he was a landscaper at a mental hospital. He also worked at a shoe store. Plot A teen named Tyray is a bully at Blufford High school. Everybody fears him. Till one day a boy named Darrell stands up to Tyray and breaks his arm. After this happens Tyray loses respect from everybody and he seeks revenge. Tyray looks around for someone who can sell him a gun and he runs into his brothers old friend bones. Bones is a hoodlum. He asks bones if he could get a gun and how much it would cost him. Bones said it doesnt come…show more content…
He is the bully. His motivation was to get a gun. Conflict The conflict is when Tyray gets into a fight with Darrell and Darrell breaks his arm. Discussiooon of themes He lost respect from all the kids in Bluford high so to get it back he thought getting a gun was a good idea. He got a gun and one night he waited for Darrell to come riding down the road on a bike and he tackled him.. He put the gun to Darrells head then he started to cry and so did tyray. Tyray put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger but when he did darrell tackled him to stop tyray from killing himself. At the end they ended up by no longer being enemies. Conclusion/Reaction to the book I liked this book cause it seemed real. And it has a lesson in the story not to bully or commit suicide. I would recommend the book to my

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