Synopsis Of The Movie 'Shane' By Joe Starrett

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In “Shane” Joe Starrett is looked at as the leader of the group, he is the one who calls the meeting and the plans all the homesteaders do. For example when Joe called the meeting to talk about the actions they would if the retaliate. So right there it shows that he is the leader of the group because he is controlling their actions. Through out the book you see that they are getting harassed by Rikers. Controlling the one store they go to, Make front of Shane when he asked for a “Soda Pop” because he isn’t drinking alcohol I guess. In the story, Shane decides when to fight and when not to. It is a smart choice by Shane because he is a gun fighter and he knows what he is talking about. It was smart for them to listen to Shane. There are a few other differences. In the book, Wilson is something of a dandy while Shane wears black. In the film, it is Wilson in black and Shane in buckskin. Also, in the movie it is the hotheaded rebel Tory and not Shipstead who is goaded into a suicidal gunfight with Wilson. Also Joey rushes after the gunfighter to apologize.…show more content…
Another difference between novel and film is the fight scene between Shane and Joe. The argument between Starrett and Shane about who will ride into town for the showdown with Ryker and Wilson ends with the same blow of Shane's pistol to Joe's head but not before the two have a huge fight filmed memorably between the legs of frightened horses. If you remember. Stevens has set this up early in the film when Joey asks his dad if he could lick Shane. Now Joey yells out his anger at Shane for cheating by using his gun. But Marion calms

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