How Does Suicide Affect Matt's Identity

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For example some kids would want to commit suicide because they were spreading horrible rumors about them, or some kids are bullying the kid horribly. This happen at in the high school of Ohio, where a kid named Eric Mohat killed himself. He was 17 years old and he was physically harassed everyday at school, in front of teacher and they never really cared whatever happens to him. One day a kid said to him publicly in front of the class “why don’t you just go shoot yourself, no one would care” So he did. This is similar towards Matt’s situation because he was accused for bombing the school and many kids would torture him. How does trying to commit suicide affect Matt’s identity? It affects Matt’s identity because he thinks committing suicide will solve all his problems and people would just leave him alone and forget him because he is dead. How dose committing suicides define Matt’s character? It defines him because he was always bullied at school ever since the incident happen…show more content…
He also wanted to kill himself because he couldn’t handle it anymore. He was tired of seeing his family suffer from something that wasn’t even his fault. A plan that South El Monte High School has if someone would try to commit suicide is quite hard because they say that every case is unique. They would have to be notified by someone close or a friend at school who they have spoken about committing suicide. If they do try and stop the student from committing suicide they will bring a therapist to help them with their problems, therefore if the student acts crazy they have the authority to hold him in for twenty four hours. One good plan that the State of Colorado has in any case if a student tried committing suicide is having a program for them so they would try to lead them out of that state of mind. They also have suicide prevention

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