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GS1145 Saturday September 27, 2014 11:58am Challenges When I think of challenges, I think about a challenge against an opponent, a physical challenge, or a challenge with one’s self. In this case, Mr. Thomas asked us to write about things that challenged us to get to where we are today. The thing that challenged me the most was myself. I went through so many obstacles to get to where I am this day. I don’t even know where to begin. The first challenge that I can remember I that, I was a complete bum before. I had no self-motivation, and I had no direction on what I wanted to do with my life. That, I think was my biggest challenge of all. I didn’t have no job, come to think I don’t even think I wanted a job. All I wanted to do at that…show more content…
I had grown so attached to him. He was like my guidance counselor, my mentor, someone I can talk to when I was thinking about messing up. My step father been in my life since I was eight years him and my mother had a good relationship with each other. They had there occasional argument, but they were nothing serious and what relationship don’t have there, up’s and downs. They had always worked through them though and continued loving each other. Well, little did we know, my step father was addicted to heroin in the past and I thought to myself “is he using again?” Because he started to act a little unusual. Well in result to his addiction he was trying to stop after my mother found out, but the withdrawals where too much to handle for him. One night he asked my mother for $20, and she knew what it was going to be used for so she refused to give it to him. He slept on the couch that night, because he didn’t want to wake my mother with his cold sweats, and shivering all night from the side effects of coming off that drug. Later that night, about 2:30am we ate a sandwich together talking, after I ate I went to sleep for the night. Two hours later my mother came to my room crying I had asked her what was wrong and she stated “Louie is dead he hung himself in the garage.” I instantly started to cry and ran upstairs to find my step father hanging in the garage. That challenge had affected me…show more content…
I committed an act of robbery which resulted in going to prison. That I am still working on, I am currently on parole for three years. The thing that happen that lead to my incarceration, is I had just lost my job with Natex that was a good job making $900 a week. I started to run low on funds, and I asked my brother-in-law if he had any jobs coming up (robbing a drug dealer). He told me yeah he does and he told me I would be a getaway drive in this robbery they had planned. I didn’t think everything all the way through or the consequences. I was just in a desperate state at that time in my life. Well I went to meet the other guys involved and they hand me a gun making me now the stick up man. I didn’t want to do that not filling comfortable at all, but I knew what those guys are about so that made me a mouse stuck in a trap. I went to do the job and stuck this guy up for $20,000. After that I grabbed the money and ran to my jeep, and the man driving my vehicle took off speeding. The dealer, little to our knowledge was behind us and kept rear ending my car. I had a .45 caliber 1911 military issued hand gun on me, in got mad and loaded the weapon and let off four shot aiming toward the dealer in rage of him hitting my jeep. He hit me one final time, and we crash into an old pick-up truck. I grabbed the money and took off running. I had thought I got away but two cops on a

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