Response Paper: an Anthropologist on Mars

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Response Paper: An Anthropologist on Mars [The Last Hippie] According to the story, I think Greg’s parents, Hari Krishna or Greg himself should take responsibility for Greg’s misfortune, First, Greg's parents neglected to care of their son. From the beginning, Greg became irritable, started questioning things, and hating people. Later, he dropped out his school, and came into contact with the drugs. As parents’ role, his parents did not use tougher measures to educate and correct him but just blindly indulge him. This lead to him took advantage to take drugs and get his brain injury. The Hari Krishna’s responsibility was concealing Greg’s conditions when he lived in the temple. They described some symptoms of Greg’s brain injury as a progress of the human spirit. When Greg’s vision began to decline, they send a letter to tell Greg’s parents that it is "inner light”. Also, they tried to stop the human contact between Greg and the outside world. These actions lead to Greg lost the best time to cure his illness. On the other hand, Greg should blame for himself because he blindly followed the trend of society that to take drugs for “higher consciousness”. If you ask me what is the most reasons caused Greg’s illness, I think it is the drugs. However, if you ask me who should take the most responsibility of this case, I think it is the backward of medical development; Moreover, the lack of exposure to some diseases. They are the direct reasons caused the illness of the patients like Greg become never
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