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Written in 2006 by a Lehman graduate, Angel Dillemuth, this play has to do with Cain, a younger brother to Andrew who drew Cain into using drugs just because Andrew’s girlfriend, Marissa uses drugs. Well Cain got hooked to drugs and rehabilitation couldn’t stop him from going back to his old habits. Until he finally tried living reality and leaves off his imagination-- that he’ll never be a better person without drugs, Cain insists that he and his big brother will stay in the hood for the rest of their lives. The stage production made by Chaunice Chapman is a great reflection of a lower class family renting a one bedroom apartment during the new millennium, which transmits the lives of two brothers: the younger one is a drug addict and…show more content…
He reminds me of the famous comedian, Chris Rock as he tries to tell Cain not to worry, because once he gets the book deal, they’ll move to a better neighborhood. But every time Cain has to go to the center for rehab, Andrew is not always there to go with him. Compared to what his little brother wears, Andrew is spiffier; he richly clads in black shoes, a white long sleeve shirt with black dress pants. Angela Rodriguez has also done a great job with the make-up. The best actor is Andrew Dillemuth, who plays the younger brother. His looks describe the part he plays—Andrew’s younger brother. Though his performance is very emotional, he does an amazing job in one scene: the part that he tells his brother his dreams and the reason why their mother left them. The dream however, became a reality because Cain’s death is the same as he dreamed it: getting into an argument with his big brother and Andrew mistakenly stabbing Cain with a knife. While explaining the dream, Cain cries almost throughout the scene, he is the best of all in this play. This outstanding production of Brothers at The Bronx Repertory Theatre is running until the summer of 2007, so hurry before ticket sales end—you won’t regret seeing such a wonderful…show more content…
Lone Ranger, (Henry Ovalles) is a very picky man with deceiving looks. He has a tumor, but does not want anyone to know about it. Unlike Lone Ranger, (Macho Man) has too much stories to tell; he says that he slept on the wheel and bruised himself; he also makes a lot of noise and shares all his secrets to Lone Ranger. This is the excuse he gives to escape witnessing the birth of his baby daughter. Chaunice Chapman designed the set; it reflects hospitals during the late 90’s. Lone Ranger’s blue hospital gown, gray curtains and white blanket sets the mood of an admitting area. During his conversation with Macho Man, Lone Ranger discovers that Macho Man is not the man he think he was—an uneducated fellow. The two characters have nothing to do, but engage in a conversation about their personal

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