Boo Radley's Transformation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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A person might not really know a person until they live in someone else’s shoes. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout a maturing lost young girl learns to see the world by living in someone else’s skin. Although Boo Radley is seen as a monster through the eyes of a small town of Maycomb , It is through Scouts maturity and her view of Maycomb that she is able to see Boo as a man and not a monster. Being different is a sin to some people and especially in the prejudice town of Maycomb especially for Boo Radley a misunderstood boy is seen as weird and different. Hiding from the world or just the strange world of Maycomb county was seen as odd, and many people made up stories about Boo saying he was crazy and strange.…show more content…
Scout learns a major lesson which is not to kill a Mockingbird. She learns that Boo is simply an innocent mockingbird and does not harm just sings and Boo just suffered from his fathers cruel intentions which made the town see him as a harmful creature. The children and Boo never had a physical connection or chemistry but this barrier is soon broken when he saves the children form Bob Ewell. Scout now understands and see’s Boo as actually a real creature although she still points at him, which shows her transformation is still in progress she treats Boo like a real person. When Atticus fails to understand that Boo was the one who killed Bob, Scout explains Atticus a lesson which is usually visa versa, that you must never kill a Mockingbird and by exposing and giving him the negative publicity towards Boo it would be like killing him in a way. This is the major turning point in Scouts maturity because she finally sees Boo not as evil but as a gentle creature just stuck in a bad situation. Although Scout matured drastically she still managed to be daddy’s little girls when she falls asleep on Atticus’ lap when he reads to her. This is only normal because even though Scout learned so much she is still so young and has a lot more to learn in
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