Mythology in Film: the Natural and the Rookie

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Americans have played baseball almost as long as they have been Americans. Men have organized the first game just outside of Brooklyn and the game quickly grabbed the nation (Most & Rudd, 2006). Yet even from baseball’s very beginnings, Americans never saw it as just a game. Uniquely, American baseball would soon become the National Pastime of our country (Most & Rudd, 2006). As the more modern generations arose, films became rich examples of how the game of baseball and the characters that play it reflect the values and myths embedded in American culture (Woods & Pincus, 2002). Two movies that express the mythology of American culture in baseball is ‘The Natural’ and ‘The Rookie.’ In The Natural the story follows Roy Hobbs, a promising baseball star in the rise of his career that is cut short by a near fatal gunshot wound. He returns 16 years later to play for the New York Knights, to face his trials and tribulations of the quest to be the very best that ever was (Woods & Pincus, 2002). While in The Rookie as a slightly different story of a young boy named Jimmy Morris that is dragged to a small town in Texas by his father, who has been sent there by military. After a tour of duty in Vietnam leaves him scared, Jimmy settles down in Big Lake and buries his Baseball dreams to teach High School students and become the baseball teams coach. But in a desperate attempt to motivate his slacking school team, Jimmy makes a bet with his players that if they can win the district championship, he would try out for a major-league organization. Shockingly the team wins and expresses to their coach it his turn to show his capabilities, with his incredible fastball he has. Jimmy gets an offer from a minor league team that could end up sending him to the Majors. But to get there, he will have to leave his wife and his children behind to do so. Both films demonstrate similarities

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