Similarities Between Nick Saban And Mack Brown

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Competing Amongst Men As far as the history textbooks go back men have always been competitive. It could be over women, sports, eating, or any other activity. Men just want to achieve, at least that is more than others. In 2010 Nick Saban and Mack Brown did a commercial for ESPN for College Gameday and encourages men to be competitive. Being competitive makes you want to do your best and ultimately win. In society today, if you are not on top then you are not recognized. In today’s world, parents are teaching their children to just have fun and not to care about winning. Children today compete in sports, who has the best grades, best clothes, and the newest electronics. Kids should always have fun, but competition is what makes it fun. Now children receive participation trophies just so they are not left out. I remember when I was younger and I played baseball my dad would help coach the team. He would always yell at me and tell me to try harder. In my childish mind then I would get frustrated because I thought I was giving it my all. Today I can still picture his words whenever I am having trouble with something. If we do not…show more content…
They are playing Janga and they exchange a few words and boast about how they are going to win. Then Nick Saban gloats about his two national championship rings are getting in the way of him playing the game. Men love to show off what they have won and how superior it makes them seem and feel. Another Man enters the scene and claims that he is the best Janga player. He pulls one piece and the tower comes falling down. So they decide to have a draw at Janga and then start to play Hungry Hungry Hippos. They could have agreed that both of them are good at the game, but they had to continue with another one. This is a prime example how men are extremely competitive at everything they do, even if it is only a board

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