The Sandlot: The Game Of Life

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Robrigado 1 Matt Robrigado English 1A Professor Piluso 12 September 2012 The Game of Life Old original movies are not always boring to watch. Compared to the movies made today for people to watch which contain lots of foul language, violence, and sex, The Sandlot contains many important life values and morals such as friendship, teamwork and perseverance. The classic film The Sandlot is a great movie to watch because of its comical dialogue, incredible cast, superior theme of friendship, and the mindset to never give up at what anything no matter what the cost is. One reason why The Sandlot engages who is viewing it is because all of its humorous dialogue. This classic movie is filled with dialogue that can make any young…show more content…
The young boys in the movie were inseparable; nobody could ever tear them apart no matter what happens. Even though at first when Scotty Smalls, the new kid, first moved into town and did not even know how to play baseball, the rest of the team, even including Hamilton Porter, took him into their loving arms, taught him the game, and even let him join their little baseball playing crew. This part of the movie really shows a good life value any child or young Robrigado 4 teenager should recognize during their life. Even though it takes a lot of courage for anybody…show more content…
In this movie, Scotty Smalls hit his stepfather’s prized possession baseball signed by Babe Ruth over the fence into Mr. Mertle’s yard where an enormous, beastly dog lived. After doing this, the team thinks of a variety of different plans to get Scotty’s stepfather’s baseball back safe. The first few attempts at getting the ball back failed miserably but they did not just give up and forget about the ball. The team worked together and devised a master plan which involved Benny hopping the fence into Mr. Mertle’s yard and retrieving the baseball before “The Beast” even noticed. The plan was a success and without friendship, teamwork, and the will to never give up, the prized ball would have still been sitting in Mr. Mertle’s yard with “The

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