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300 Final Film Review 300 is by far the best comic book based movie I have evened seen But what really makes this movie stand out from all of the other movies is the amazing cinematography that this movie has. Larry Fong has proven that a brilliant Director of Photography can turn any boring tale into something great and interesting. Now, the tale isn’t boring. Not by a long shot. But we’ve seen and heard the same tale a lot before. It follows in the spirit of movies like Braveheart and Gladiator. Another great thing about this movie is its simple plot. The plot is simple: man wants freedom, sacrifices everything (for his family, his love, and country), man goes to war against a more powerful adversary, man becomes legend and man ignites his nation’s spirit to gain freedom. 300 might not be historically accurate, but a lot of special effects were added to this movie in purpose of adding a flavor to the screen and to keep the viewers of the movie entertained. The fight scenes are far from what you may call “historically accurate,” but that was Zack Snyder’s intention. 300 This movie will always be remembered, 300 is always going to have an important role in the history of cinematography right next to movies like Casablanca. I absolutely love the movie 300, a lot of film schools take advantage of the great methods that were used to make this movie and use them to teach their students about films. You can count on film schools using 300 as a means to teach film students for many years to come. The movie will be cheered by special effects fans for its innovative visuals. After doing some research on the movie 300, I found out that there are 1500 cuts in the film, 1300 of which involved some sort of visual effect. The film crew used blue screen 90% of the time, since they felt it improved the red Spartan colors more than green screen. The cinematography 300 is just

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