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Ethan Pond Eric’s Writing Class 10/2/13 Optimism of the Chicago Cubs and their fans A perfect example of optimism is the Chicago Cubs and their fans. Optimism ties into the Cubs because of the fact that they have lost for so long, and yet everyone is still hopeful. I just need to find out why these fans still have optimism. How do you have any optimism when you lose for 107 years? Wouldn’t your sanity have long been lost? The Chicago Cubs and their fans are still somehow optimistic after stretches as much as twenty losing seasons in a row, but still, the fans came to watch the Cubs. Why? Did they enjoying watching their hometown team lose, swing and miss, and blunder on the basepaths? Their 2013 season was as dismal as their last ten seasons, in last place in the national league’s central division with a record of 66-96. So why do fans still come to Wrigley, to watch the team of lovable losers? Wouldn’t they rather see a team winning and being successful? The answer may lay in being optimistic. The Cubs were always positive, even when they blew a seven run lead in the 2003 national league division series, even when they lost the 1946 World Series in heartbreaking fashion on Jack Spinner’s walk off home run in game 7 against the Brewers, even when the team’s slugger Sammy Sosa was found guilty of steroid usage and was suspended, the Cubs and their fans still remained contended, even optimistic about their team’s chances to win the Central and go to the playoffs. How do they stand it? They must have some serious grit to watch the Cubs, who play like little leaguers every day of the long, exhausting season. Maybe the optimism that they had made them not just the lovable losers, but the likable losers. Yes, they’re likable, but fans, they’re still losers. I would just bulldoze Wrigley Field, build a new field with a

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