History of the World Series

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History of the World Series In sports, it never fails that every team is working towards one thing and one thing only and that is to become champions. Every sport has its own symbolic trophy, but none as elevated as baseball’s trophy which is the World Series. The World Series is the best of seven playoff games. The team that wins four games is presented the trophy and celebrates the nation’s best pastime. Baseball is known to be the nation’s pastime because it is one of the first world championship sports introduced to America (baseball-almanac.com). The World Series in baseball is almost looked at as a holiday on the calendar for baseball fans. The World Series, over the century, has been pushed to an all-around elite game of games. It is far more than just a tournament of baseball; it is a lifestyle and a tradition for the world. The World Series has yet to disappoint anyone and it probably never will. The World Series provides memories, unforgettable highlight reels, magical moments, and so much more (Morgan). The World Series is a sporting event like no other. However, it leaves a fan either ecstatic or in shock depending on if their team wins or loses. Have you ever wondered how to define the World Series? The World Series is the unthinkable being done, catching what can’t be caught, and being perfect when perfection is not even thought of. It’s Babe Ruth telling the whole world where he will hit the next pitch, and it’s Aaron Boone hitting a walk-off home run for the Yankees. The World Series is errors in the bottom of the ninth and dog piles at the end of the game. It’s a best of seven games and the winner takes all. The World Series is all of these things and so much more (baseball-almanac.com). The World Series, also known as the Fall Classic, did not begin until 1903.The first World Series was won by the Boston Americans with a score of

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