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Derek Jeter Derek Jeter has made a significant valuable and lasting contribution to our country Because Derek Jeter sticks to his dreams and his morals “My heroes, my dreams, and my future lie in Yankee stadium and they can’t take that from me”. Derek Jeter respects the game and fans and is a positive role model for kids. Derek Jeter was born June 26th, 1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey. He was growing up less than 30 miles away from Yankee stadium. Less than 5 years the family moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1979. When Jeter was a little boy he joined the Westwood little league team in Kalamazoo. When Derek Jeter was in the eighth Grade Jeter predicted that he would be in a New York Yankees uniform within ten years. During high school Jeter played ball for the Kalamazoo Central High School Team. His junior year his batting average was an impressive .557, Followed by a senior year average of .508. In 1992 he was name the American baseball Coaches Association high school player of the year. Over the summer Derek Jeter got calls from Major league baseball teams. Jeter would be signed by the Cincinnati Reds but then the Yankees call had finally arrived. Derek Jeter without…show more content…
He had hit just 200 as well as making Twenty-eight errors in only Fifty-eight games. In spring 1993 the Yankees moved him to the Greensboro Hornets a class A team in North Carolina Hoping to work on his skills with a lower class team. Although his defense remained poor Jeter’s batting earned him a title of Most Outstanding Major League Prospect. Jeter was called back up to the Yankees in September 1995. When he joined the Yankees in 1996 he was the first rookie in thirty-four years to start as a shortstop. Jeter won Rookie of the year honor with an impressive 183 hits, 78 RBI’s, and 10 home runs in a season that the New York Yankees win their first World Series since

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