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Sara McKenna Comp and Lit 1 It's sweltering hot out, at least 95 degrees with no breeze or shade. I feel nothing but the sun reflecting off my skin and sweat dripping down my face. My teammates and fans are cheering me on along with my coach, who happens to be my father, telling me to "Push it!" I play this scenario over and over again hoping it will ease the pressure, but nothing could have prepared me for this moment. Bottom of the seventh inning, bases loaded, two outs, my team is up by one run, and the count on the batter is three balls and two strikes. To outsiders watching it's just a game, win or loose it means nothing. To me- the player, it means everything. My ten-year-old heart is beating…show more content…
Along the way, I determined the young woman I am now. Through all of my injures, and there were quite a few, I learned to work with what I could. When I broke my wrist I would work on my legs. When I injured my legs I would work on my core and always stay in shape. This ability to adapt to adverse situations is something I hope to carry with me life long. It is hard for me to sit and watch my team play without me, but in order to be a good teammate I stay and cheer them on. Being a good teammate is one aspect I am proud to say I acquired over the years. Whenever someone makes an error I cheer them up and tell them to keep their head up. Being a good teammate is one of the reasons I have always been appointed captain of any team. As the pitcher, my attitude and performance sets the tone for the whole team. I will never forget when I won my first MVP award the other coach told me, "I never saw a talented girl who could stand on that mound with a smile on no matter what and hold everything together quite like you." Not only does that apply to my attitude when it comes to game time, but also my attitude in life

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