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“And now up at bat for the Knights, your second baseman, number 13, Miguel LaValle!” boomed the announcer. The crowd roared with excitement as Miguel jogged towards the plate with a smile that screamed confidence. He breathed in the scent of the freshly cut grass and sweat as he prepared for the biggest moment in his baseball career. The Knights were tied 3-3 with their rival school for the regional championship game. Normally, Miguel didn’t feel any pressure at all. Nothing could get in his head when it came to baseball. During the game, all he could think about was making contact with the ball and he did anything it took to do just that. He spent hours upon hours practicing hitting and fielding. All he thought and dreamed about was baseball.…show more content…
He wouldn’t settle for any small school. He had his sights set on a Division I baseball team, and he refused to settle for anything less. Some say his refusal to settle for anything is what makes him such an incredible ball player, but he dedicates his success to hard work, determination, and a little bit of God-given talent. The Notre Dame baseball scout made a three hour trip just to watch Miguel play this particular game. It didn’t take long for Miguel to notice him. He sat front row decked out in Notre Dame gear and khakis with a firm, hard expression on his face. An unfamiliar feeling of nervousness fell over Miguel. This game, this hit, would be the first and possibly the last statement he makes to Notre Dame, his dream school. None of his previous home runs or great plays mattered now. The only thing that mattered was this hit and this game. He felt as if he had two cinder blocks of pressure sitting upon each of his shoulders as he turned to face the…show more content…
He told Miguel that he was very sorry for his injury and talked to him about the game. He told him that he was very impressed with his play and said that he’d be a great addition to the Fighting Irish baseball squad. The scout soon left the room and left Miguel alone with his family. It was bitter sweet that he found out that he would be playing at his dream school next, yet his high school baseball career was now over and his team would most likely lost their next game without him. Miguel was proud of himself at the end of the day. Miguel faced many other challenges in his life such as rehabbing his leg to try and get ready for baseball in the oncoming fall. However, when the time came for Miguel to be on the field again he was always the first one on and the last one off because he learned a very valuable lesson, we never know when our last opportunity to do something we love is so enjoy every second of

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