Mickey Mantle Essay

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Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle was a very popular baseball player in his time. He played from 1951 through 1968, but it all started when he was little. As a boy, he was small and skinny. He actually developed the nickname “Little Mick” because of his appearance. Even as a boy, all he thought about was baseball. He despised school and couldn’t wait until he got out of there and could go play ball with his friends. Mantle was always a good hitter from the right side, but his father thought it would be an advantage to be able hit both ways, so he also learned to bat left. Mantle was so good that he was always the best as a child and even won the world series in his little league. As an adult, he won many prestigious awards and did great things not only for baseball, but for America as a whole. To name just some of his achievements, Mantle was selected for the American league All-Star team sixteen times. in addition, he was a three time American League MVP, and won the triple crown in 1956. Not only was he one of the Yankees best hitters, but he was also a great fielder. He won the Golden Glove award in 1962. He was an amazing all around player, and just so elegant in the game of baseball. He was always the hardest worker in practice, and he put a lot of time in day after day to become the best player he could be and live up to his full potential. boy did it pay off. Mantle played in twelve world series, and came out on top seven of those twelve times. Most players are lucky if they even win one world series, nevermind seven. everyone saw his efforts on the field and looked at him as sort of a superhero because of all the talent he had. Mickey was one of the best baseball players to ever live, and his numbers show it. Another aspect of Mantles “game” was his inspiration on the American people. Since he was arguably the best player of his time, he had a big role to
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