Alex Rodriquez Case Study

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Alex Rodriquez is arguably one of the best baseball players ever. He started his career in 1994 with the Seattle Mariners, but he only played seventeen games that year. With the Mariners in 1996 he finally earned a starting spot at shortstop and burst on to the scene with 36 home runs and 123 RBI. Then in 2003 Major League Baseball and the players association agreed on a new contract which includes random drug tests called survey testing. Alex Rodriquez is one of the many players who were tested and had performance enhancing drugs (PED) in his system. Later in 2003 Alex Rodriguez won the Most Valuable Player award and his third consecutive American League home run title. To date Alex Rodriquez has hit 647 career home runs, despite his ridiculous stats I…show more content…
Players who used steroids to come back from injuries are acceptable because they are trying to get back to playing the game they love. To ensure players do not lie about their reasoning for taking steroids baseball should cross check the failed test with when the player was injured. This will ensure that people who use steroids to heal themselves will not be discriminated against. For example Andy Pettitte admitted to using a PED to come back from an injury and there is nothing wrong with that. The system for getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame gives the voting power to the writers. Two writers from each team get votes and if a player has 75% of the writers’ votes then they are accepted into the hall of fame. PED users should not be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame unless they were using PEDs to come back form an injury. We admire the players in the hall of fame and look up to them. There should not be cheaters in the hall because they were not honest or good role models. If they were really good enough they could have made it like all the other on hard work and perseverance, not steroids and other

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